Swinging 60s

14th June 2018

With her chic mini skirt and big curls, Sindy is the ultimate 1960s retro girl. Sindy likes the decade’s bright colours and bold patterns. When she’s in London, Sindy likes nothing better than shopping on Carnaby Street. At home she enjoys experimenting with sixties hairstyles and make-up, and spinning her grandparents’ vinyl discs on her record player. The Beatles are one of Sindy’s favourite pop bands. She adores their sixties sound. A whizz on the sewing machine, Sindy makes her own clothes, often recreating the outfits worn by her favourite sixties stars. When she’s not with her friends, Sindy spends hours chatting with them on the phone, swapping style tips. It’s just as well it’s not the sixties. How would she ever manage to keep in touch!

Sindy says: “The brilliant music and fashion of the sixties is still inspiring people. No wonder—it was all just so groovy!”