Shopping in the Rain

14th June 2018

Most people prefer to stay inside on a rainy day—not Sindy. She sees a wet weekend as the ideal time to hit the town with her best buddies. Sindy and her friends just love to make a splash—in all the puddles. And Sindy adores the way the raindrops fall over the city’s bright lights. They match the colourful polka dots on her cute, retro minidress. The soggy weather also means that Sindy gets to bring out her pretty pink umbrella, patterned wellies and funky raincoat. They look great with her new bold pink and purple bob. Sindy loves shopping in the rain, and if the sun peeps through the clouds, even better—especially if it makes a rainbow.

Sindy says: “Whatever the weather, as long as I’m with my friends I’m happy.”