Pool Party

14th June 2018

Most girls love to make a splash, and Sindy is no different! She enjoys nothing better than a day at the pool, having fun with her pals. As soon as the sun comes out, Sindy calls up her mates and arranges a poolside get together. Before you can shake a flipper, Sindy’s put on her favourite beach dress and sunglasses and is off, heading for the local lido. Sindy always packs plenty of sunscreen, water and yummy snacks along with her swimsuit and flip-flops. First she and her pals soak up the sun, before diving into the crystal clear pool to cool down. Racing down the water slide is Sindy’s favourite thing. But she and her friends also enjoy just floating around on lilos or playing catch with the pool’s giant pink beach ball. There’s so much to do, Sindy and her pals wish it was sunny every day!

Sindy says: “I like to go down the water slide really, really fast. It’s brilliant!”