Winter Fun

14th June 2018

Sindy thinks that winter is the most wonderful time of the year. There is nothing more exciting than waking up to find the world has turned pure white. Sindy loves it when her garden becomes a sparkling, magical playground. She can’t wait to go outside. As soon as snow begins to fall, Sindy pulls on her coat and hat and heads out for her first snowball fight with her pals. Instead of snowmen, Sindy likes to build snow princesses. She gives her icy creations long skirts and pretty faces and finishes them with cute accessories such as tiaras and handbags. If more snow falls, Sindy and her pals like to catch the snowflakes as they gently float down. Sindy is always amazed to find that no two are ever the same.

“The best thing about winter? Snow of course!” says Sindy. “I like it best when it’s really deep and you nearly lose your boots!”