Rainbow Road

14th June 2018

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet—Sindy can’t choose a favourite colour. She loves them all! This colour crazy chick’s number one activity is roller skating with her mates. The ultimate thrill for Sindy is to feel the wind in her multicoloured hair. In her orange skates and rainbow dress, she brightens up everyone’s day as she whizzes past—the faster the better. Sometimes Sindy listens to music while she skates, inventing amazing dance moves to go with her top tunes. This girl hearts life and her happiness is contagious. After a few minutes with Sindy, her friends are giggling as much as their bubbly bestie—if they can keep up with her!

Sindy says: “I’m just a skater girl who wants to have fun. Can’t stop, gotta go! Wheeeee!”