Puppy Love

14th June 2018

You’ll never see Sindy without her beloved Buttons bouncing along beside her. Every day, the pair train together for the annual Puppy Tricks contest. It’s not always easy—Buttons is a cheeky pup who gets easily distracted by the squirrels in the park. Luckily, this loveable pooch will do anything for a doggy treat. Buttons loves to play outdoors, so Sindy’s wardrobe when they’re out together is hip and practical. She likes to accessorise with one of mum’s colourful silk scarfs, which glams up any outfit—even jeans and wellies. Buttons likes to dress up too, proudly sporting his favourite cherry red collar whenever he’s out and about. All Sindy’s friends adore Buttons and always want to take him for walks. But you can’t part this girl and her dog for long.

“I love my puppy,” says Sindy. “He’s Pawsome!”