Snow Bunny

14th June 2018

Sindy is a skiing sensation. The thrill seeking teen loves to sweep down the slopes at high speed. Winter holidays are where it’s at for this sporty snow girl. The fresh mountain air, the stunning scenery, snow—what’s not to like? Sindy adores skiing with her friends. It’s even fun when you fall over and land in a pile of cold fluffy snow! Sindy and her mates also like to try other winter sports including snowboarding. Flying through the air on your board is so rad, and snowboarders have such cool fashion! After a hard day on the slopes, Sindy and her mates head back to their chalet, red cheeked and exhausted. They warm up with fleecy blankets and cups of steaming hot chocolate. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

“I like to ski really really fast!” says Sindy. “Catch me if you can…”