Retro Chick

14th June 2018

The past is Sindy’s style book. This retro teen rocks the monochrome styles and miniskirts of the 1960s. Sindy likes to scour markets and vintage stores to find authentic pieces. Black-and-white check is the perfect pattern to go with her black bob hairstyle. Sindy loves old photos of sixties supermodels like Twiggy. Her heavy eyeliner and pale pink lipstick are so cool! 1960s pop is Sindy’s favourite music. She and her besties love to dust off their parents’ vinyl and bop to the sweet sounds of the Swinging Sixties. But despite Sindy’s passion for the past, she’s a modern girl at heart. She takes selfies of her latest styles and stores her top 1960s songs on her iPod so that she can be groovy wherever she goes!

Sindy says: “Would I like to go back in time to the 1960s? Yes! Er, can I take my mobile phone?”