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20th June 2018

Style Blogger

14th June 2018

If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, ask Sindy. This style setter just loves fashion! She always wears the look of the season and loves to add some vintage pieces into the mix too. Always on trend, Sindy is not a slave to fashion and likes to use her sense of style when it comes to putting outfits together. Sindy has an eye for spotting new looks before they hit the high street. She has even taken to writing a weekly fashion blog. Her followers can’t wait to hear Sindy’s tips on next season’s colours, shapes and patterns, and she loves to share her ideas on how to put together the latest looks for less. Sindy is a style guru you can rely on!

“My top tip is to always add your signature to an outfit,” says Sindy, “whether it’s a special necklace or colour. Own your look!”

Winter Fun

Sindy thinks that winter is the most wonderful time of the year. There is nothing more exciting than waking up to find the world has turned pure white. Sindy loves it when her garden becomes a sparkling, magical playground. She can’t wait to go outside. As soon as snow begins to fall, Sindy pulls on her coat and hat and heads out for her first snowball fight with her pals. Instead of snowmen, Sindy likes to build snow princesses. She gives her icy creations long skirts and pretty faces and finishes them with cute accessories such as tiaras and handbags. If more snow falls, Sindy and her pals like to catch the snowflakes as they gently float down. Sindy is always amazed to find that no two are ever the same.

“The best thing about winter? Snow of course!” says Sindy. “I like it best when it’s really deep and you nearly lose your boots!”

Shopping Spree

Whenever they can, Sindy and her friends like to shop till they drop. Fashion is this girl’s passion! Whether it’s a birthday party or off to the cinema, Sindy will find the perfect outfit for the occasion. From skater skirts to skinny jeans, she will pick out the coolest things. Sindy enjoys trying out all the latest trends—mixing and matching with cool accessories. She knows that a cute clutch, some pretty pumps or a hot hair clip will make her outfit zing. But all that shopping can be exhausting. When Sindy’s bagged some brilliant bargains, she and her friends head for their favourite juice bar to share stories, swap style tips, and recharge with yummy strawberry smoothies.

“Shopping is heaven!” says Sindy. “Even if I don’t find anything I like, I always have a giggle with the girls!”

Sindy’s Got Talent

Sindy loves music and dreams of performing on stage. This girl lives to sing! In the shower, while she makes her morning toast, and with her friends, the talented teen can always be found singing her favourite tune. Sindy recently won a local singing competition. The judges commented that her voice was as clear as a bell and that she had great stage presence. Sindy’s idols are Adele and Katy Perry. She admires Adele’s lovely voice, and Katy’s dance moves and quirky fashion sense. One day Sindy hopes that she will be able to sing at a huge concert, just like her heroes. Until then, she’s happy to dance around her bedroom singing into her hairbrush. Today Sindy has an audience of teddies. Tomorrow, the world!

Sindy says: “Performing gives me such a buzz! It’s scary, but my friends are always there for me.”

Swinging 60s

With her chic mini skirt and big curls, Sindy is the ultimate 1960s retro girl. Sindy likes the decade’s bright colours and bold patterns. When she’s in London, Sindy likes nothing better than shopping on Carnaby Street. At home she enjoys experimenting with sixties hairstyles and make-up, and spinning her grandparents’ vinyl discs on her record player. The Beatles are one of Sindy’s favourite pop bands. She adores their sixties sound. A whizz on the sewing machine, Sindy makes her own clothes, often recreating the outfits worn by her favourite sixties stars. When she’s not with her friends, Sindy spends hours chatting with them on the phone, swapping style tips. It’s just as well it’s not the sixties. How would she ever manage to keep in touch!

Sindy says: “The brilliant music and fashion of the sixties is still inspiring people. No wonder—it was all just so groovy!”

School Prom

Sindy is excited. Her school prom is coming up, and she has found the prettiest prom dress. In her gorgeous hot-pink floor-length gown, Sindy is sure to turn heads. To go with her dazzling dress, Sindy’s mum and dad have bought her a pair of kitten heels, a sparkly tiara and a matching handbag. Sindy will look like a true prom princess on her special day. Before the prom, Sindy and her pals are going to get ready together. They will style each other’s hair, sort out and apply their make-up and nail varnish and pick out each other’s jewellery. After all their hard work at school, Sindy and her friends deserve a party and they’re certainly going to celebrate in style. It is sure to be a night to remember. Let’s party!

Sindy says: “OMG, I cannot wait for the prom! It is going to be the best night ever!”

Pool Party

Most girls love to make a splash, and Sindy is no different! She enjoys nothing better than a day at the pool, having fun with her pals. As soon as the sun comes out, Sindy calls up her mates and arranges a poolside get together. Before you can shake a flipper, Sindy’s put on her favourite beach dress and sunglasses and is off, heading for the local lido. Sindy always packs plenty of sunscreen, water and yummy snacks along with her swimsuit and flip-flops. First she and her pals soak up the sun, before diving into the crystal clear pool to cool down. Racing down the water slide is Sindy’s favourite thing. But she and her friends also enjoy just floating around on lilos or playing catch with the pool’s giant pink beach ball. There’s so much to do, Sindy and her pals wish it was sunny every day!

Sindy says: “I like to go down the water slide really, really fast. It’s brilliant!”

Pj Party

Sleepovers are Sindy’s favourite type of get-together. She loves inviting all her chums over for girly giggles and comfy fun. Sindy and her pyjama pals like makeovers and to practice on each other, styling hair and trying on different shades of nail varnish. Sindy enjoys experimenting with her own spa treatments using natural ingredients like yogurt, honey and cucumber. At her pyjama parties, she and her friends test them out. When they have been styled, pampered and polished, the girls flop down on beanbags and watch a film. Sindy loves romantic comedies. Smoothies and popcorn are always on the menu. And, after the film, it would not be a Sindy PJ party without a cosy cup of hot chocolate before lights out!

Sindy says: “Oh, wow, sleepovers! Friends, films, fun. What’s not to like?”

Great British

Sindy is a real girl about town. London is her favourite city. Sindy loves the bright lights, shops and sights of the capital. When she’s not taking a ride on the London Eye or shopping in the West End, Sindy can be found catching up with her pals over pizza. She enjoys sightseeing and visits London whenever she can. She has snapped pics of Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London on her mobile. But most of all Sindy likes to take photographs of her friends. For Sindy, memories are more important than monuments. Sindy is a true Brit. Her favourite colours are red, white and blue, and her number one meal is fish and chips—a real treat!

Sindy says: “There’s just so much to see and do in London. The only problem I have is fitting it all in!”